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Gentleman Blue Dog Treats

Lick Mat for Dogs

Lick Mat for Dogs

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Lick mats are textured mats design to engage your pup by challenging them to lick every last bit of goodies off their mat. Licking mats are a great mental exercise tool that pup parents can utilize in a number of ways. Without a doubt, lick mats are good for dogs for many reasons: 
  • They can help reduce stress and anxiety -- if your dog gets overwhelmed during bathing, grooming, or other activities, the lick mat provides a welcomed distraction.
  • They keep your dog busy to reduce boredom -- boredom is often the cause of destructive behaviors, so keeping your dog occupied with the lick mat can help redirect their energy.
  • They are engaging and enriching -- mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise. Your dog’s brain will be working hard to figure out how to lick that mat clean.
  • They can be a cool treat on a hot day -- just freeze your lick mat with some tasty food on it and you'll basically have a dog popsicle, yum!

Lick Mats offer an effective way to curb issues such as barking, chewing & more! They help keep your pup active and reward them with a tasty treat.

100% BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone; Dishwasher/Microwave/Fridge/Freezer safe; Hand wash with hot, soapy water.

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