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Gentleman Blue Dog Treats

Freeze-Dried Beef Bites

Freeze-Dried Beef Bites

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100% beef, freeze-dried raw. No additives or preservatives.

Our Beef Bites are freeze-dried raw in small batches from 100% beef muscle meat. Nutritional benefits include protein for building and repairing body and muscle tissue, Vitamin B12 (which aids in nervous system function) and Zinc (improves thyroid function and strengthens the immune system).

By preventing the degradation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food, freeze-drying helps to preserve most of the nutrition in these treats. It helps maintain the structure and texture of treats, which also aids in maintaining nutritional value.

Freeze-dried treats have a longer shelf life, and do not need refrigeration. We recommend keeping in the product bag, removing air and resealing.  

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