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Gentleman Blue Dog Treats

Snuffle Balls - Large

Snuffle Balls - Large

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Large Snuffle Balls measure approximately 8" in diameter.

Snuffle Balls are a fun activity for your pup! They are an excellent enrichment activity for your dog and are a great way to provide mental stimulation, strengthen foraging skills, and reduce stress. Sniffing releases endorphins, which helps make dogs feel happy and energetic.

How to use:

  • Place small pieces of your dog's favorite GB Treats between the folds of the fabric and let the sniff away!
  • ALWAYS supervise your dog with their snuffle ball or mat. We recommend only 10-15 minutes per use, the remove and store until the next time. They are no intended as a chew toy, so remove from your pet if the tug or chew on the snuffle.

How to care for your snuffle ball or mat:

  • Place the snuffle in a mesh laundry bag or pillow case and tie shut. Machine wash on delicate with cold water and a dog-safe detergent. You can also use  baking soda and vinegar if you don't have dog safe soap. Air to dry. 

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